A free online seminar on the art of inspired writing.


Cathy Presland

Best selling author, Trainer

Fiona Moore

Fiona Moore

Mentor, Healer and Teacher

Live on Wednesday, March 23rd at 12 pm Eastern/4 pm GMT

Do want to touch your readers and make a difference with your words?

How do you do that? Is it a matter of waiting for inspiration to strike?

The written word has been used to spread wisdom, inspiration and healing for thousands of years.

But is it possible to consciously and consistently flow inspiration, love and healing?

In this seminar Cathy Presland and Fiona Moore explore how to write from inspiration for your words to touch your readers.

Join us to discover:

  • The difference between ‘doing’ writing and ‘allowing’ words to flow though you.
  • The part that doubt plays in evolving and strengthening your writing.
  • How to anchor your inspiration on the page.

Register free.

If you’re not able to join live, register to get a recording of the event.

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CathyPreslandCathy Presland
Cathy Presland is a best-selling author, mentor and highly-regarded trainer. Cathy is widely published, has over 15,000 students in her online training courses, teaches writing for The Guardian Masterclasses series, and is an engaging and popular speaker.

She works with experts and professionals who want to be known and be well-rewarded for what they do. She helps you write and publish your expertise, share your vision and make an impact with what you know.

FionaNewFiona Moore
Fiona Moore is a Mentor, Healer and Teacher. She works with writers, creatives, spiritual practitioners and change agents who want to to live consciously and make a difference with their lives.

A central theme in Fiona’s teaching is how to engage the qualities of the heart to become compassion, love and peace in our living, speaking and creating.