A breakthrough course for writers who want to inspire their readers.

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Starts April 13th, 2016.

Dear Writer,

Do you want to change lives?

Are you writing about something that’s close to your heart?

It can be challenging to write about something that’s personal. It’s easy to get wrapped up, or bogged down, by what you’re trying to say. And then there are times when your heart wants to express something tender, and meaningful, but you’re strangled by doubt.

So how do you touch your readers and make a difference?

Is inspired writing a formula? A random strike of lightening?

Would you like to know how to consciously flow love and inspiration onto the page?

Introducing Write Out The Heart

We know that writing is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. Sages, poets and mystics have demonstrated this for thousands of years.

The intention of this program is to show you how to anchor your inspiration on the page and turn your writing into a force for healing and change.

In a nutshell:

  • You’ll dissolve inner blocks to allow your authentic writing voice to express itself.
  • You’ll grow your capacity to flow inspiration on the page to touch and transform your readers.

Cornerstones of the course

  • Grounding: Being grounded in your body is vital for your writing. And for your life!  When you’re grounded you feel safe and confident. And your inspiration has somewhere to land. Instead of being scattered flow, or overwhelming flood, it becomes a steady, consistent stream.
  • Clearing: Invisible mental and emotional blocks get in the way of your writing. When you know clear inner obstacles you become a receiving station for your higher inspiration.
  • Connection: When you’re clear and grounded you join the dot’s between your head, heart and inspiration. And this connection turns your words into writing that touches and transforms your reader.

What does it mean to write out the heart?

HandWritingHeart centered writing is not a formula or strategy.

It’s writing that blazes a trail.

It asks questions such as; “Who am I?”  “What am I here for?” “How do I move past this pain?”

These questions create a shared feeling with your reader. Because your reader is seeking the answers in their own heart. And this shared feeling flows love and healing.

So, if writing from the heart is not a technique, how does it happen?

Inspiration – the magic and the mystery

You’ve probably experienced moments when words flow effortlessly onto the page. And I imagine that you have one or two favorite writers, whose words comfort and uplift you.

Inspired writing is real. But you might find that your inspiration is inconsistent.

You get a burst of ideas, but by the time you sit to write, the words have dried up. Or you have a stream of inspiration which leaves you overwhelmed.

You might conclude that inspiration belongs only to special kinds of writers. Wrong!

The belief that inspiration only happens for a few special writers gets in the way of inspired writing.

The truth is that inspiration is as natural as breathing. It’s available to everyone because it comes from the source of Life.

Imagine you’re training to run a marathon. You can grow your lung capacity to take in more air. So it is with learning to write from inspiration.

With practice, you can grow your capacity to receive and write from inspiration.

And, just as breathing out is followed by breathing in. When you breathe out your inspiration on the page, you can be sure that readers are ready to breathe in the medicine of your message.

The question is; “Are you ready to claim your inspired voice?”

The back story…

FionaNewHi, I’m Fiona Moore and I’d like to share how this program was born. Because like all inspired creations it came unexpectedly.

In January, 2015, twelve artists at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris were murdered by extremists. Shock of this event spread like a wild fire around the world.

Yvonne Spence, a Scottish author and blogger, watched the global response to the killings unfold. She was struck by what she witnessed. Instead of retaliation – she saw, and heard, a desire to heal religious, social and cultural divisions echo around the world.

An inspired idea then came to her. To bring together a thousand bloggers and saturate the world with messages of compassion. Yvonne invited me to join my voice with a thousand writers.

Within days, hundreds of bloggers responded. 1000 Voices for Compassion Facebook group was born. 1000 Voices is now almost two thousand bloggers strong. The writers create global link-ups that flood the blog-o-sphere inspiring love and compassion.

I got talking with Yvonne about the joy, and challenges, that writers face. How the impulse to write is often drowned out with self doubt and fear. Our conversation was the inspiration for this course.

You see, for over two decades, I’ve taught writers, healers and change agents how to connect with their heart and inspiration. To live and express their authentic self, and make difference with their lives.

Write Out The Heart is a distillation of my understanding of how writers become messengers of healing and transformation.

I’d love to share my understanding with you.

DeniseBarry“I wasn’t very confident in my writing ability. My mind was so chaotic I had trouble stringing words together most days, and I put writing on the back burner.

Since working with Fiona my writing has become more effortless. I’ve become more creative, confident and organized. I’m now halfway through a middle grade book I’ve been wanting to finish for years, and I’ve just been asked to write a weekly column on kids/parenting for a high traffic website!”


~Denise Barry www.denisebarry.net

“I’ve experienced many tangible shifts on the creative level. I’ve moved from feeling stuck for ideas to having them flow freely. I’ve grown to respect my own ways of working in short bursts, rather than pushing. I’ve stopped letting fears about not being good enough derail me. And I’ve learned not to take my creative life too seriously! It’s much more playful.

As for ‘hard result’s I’ve swopped an office job I hated for freelance work. I’m now a published writer, with some of the big name publishers seeking me out. And I’m writing my first anthology of poems for children.”


~S. Robertson

Who is this program for?

You might blog, write poetry. Fiction or non fiction.

You might write a newsletter, funeral services, or fairytales. Or you might write for your eyes only.

What matters, is that that you want your writing to be a transformative force. To deliver healing and inspiration. You might also recognize yourself in these ways:


  • Want to discover your authentic writing voice.
  • Feel that your writing is your life’s calling.
  • Want to learn how to connect your writing with your heart.
  • Are curious how writing is a catalyst for awakening higher consciousness in you and your reader.
  • Are seeking a community of heart centered writers who share the same intention as you.

This is more than a writing program

BookHeart When you’re writing about something you feel passionate about. Or a personal story that changed your life. Your writing can get sticky, or stall.

There’s a danger in getting wrapped up in your message. Or silenced by doubt.

For your writing to have impact it needs to be emotionally strong but not manipulative or sickly sweet.

And for this to happen, self discovery, and personal healing, is often required.

That’s why I’ve designed this program to be a safe space. Not just for developing your writing, but for personal transformation.

You’ll have opportunity to receive guidance and inner healing work in the group sessions. To help your message emerge cleanly and powerfully.

Plus, you’ll receive one private mentoring session to support you going deeper into your writing life.

And, the breakthroughs in your relationship with your writing will naturally spill over into your entire life. Leading to greater wellbeing, clarity of purpose and enjoyment of who you are. You also receive:​


  • A series of powerful guided meditations to develop and strengthen your connection to your higher inspiration.
  • Simple practices to illuminate and integrate your learning into your writing and daily life.
  • A supportive container and community.

What this course is, and is not

Because inspired heart inspired writing is not a technique. We won’t focus on how to improve your writing. Or how to develop story, plot or character. In fact, you might find yourself unlearning what you’ve learned about ‘good’ writing. Or at least putting some of your ideas to one side.

Our focus is on how to write with your authentic inspired voice. But don’t be surprised if your writing changes, or deepens. Or if doors begin to open to allow your writing to reach into the world. These things tend to happen as a consequence of aligning your body, emotions, heart and mind, with the Source of your writing.

How might your writing change?

Every writer has a different voice, so it’s not possible to say exactly how your writing will change. But what can be said is that when you find your authentic voice, your unique message shines out of your writing.

This sets your work apart from the sea of writers, and helps your readers find and connect with you writing.

When you write from heart and inspiration:


  • You develop a conscious connection to the Source of what’s ‘needing to be said’.
  • Your words resonate with the deepest desires in the human heart for peace, unity and joy.
  • Your writing becomes an act love.

TomPruiksma“The skills of conscious, mindful awareness that Fiona teaches have been enormously useful in my writing life. I’ve discovered a new intensity, spontaneity, and joy in the creative process. I’m spending a lot less time spinning my wheels trying to figure out the form or structure of what I’m working on, and instead am allowing deeper and more resonant forms to emerge and unfold on their own. Rather than repeating old patterns of frustration, I’m reentering the mystery, dancing.”

~Tom Pruiksma www.thepoetsmagic.com

The sequence of the learning

Module 1: Make inner space for inspired writing


We start with grounding. Feeling safe and secure in yourself as a writer is essential for  your inspiration to land. Children we often receive messages that they are not creative or should keep quiet.

These messages get buried in the subconscious and form blocks to your authentic voice. So we'll begin with dissolving beliefs that stand in the way so that your impulse to write is given permission to flow. 

  • Ground yourself in your body and being so that your inspiration is felt, sensed and heard accurately.
  • Clear invisible inner blocks that get in the way of embodying your gift as a writer.
  • Cultivate an inner posture to magnify your creative impulse.

Module 2: Dissolve doubt and resistance

Stones Then we address those moments when you’re plagued with doubt or find every reason under the sun to avoid putting words on the page. It’s liberating to discover that doubt and resistance are energies you can leverage to propel your writing. And we’ll explore how to write in an emotionally connected way that gives your writing emotional richness without being sticky.


  • Discover how to steward your emotional energy to connect on the emotional level of your readers.
  • Learn why ‘trying’ to write is pointless.
  • Adopt a simple practice to become free of doubt, resistance, avoidance and procrastination.

Module 3: Allow higher inspired thoughts

IamAWriter Heart centered writing requires having a ‘good head’ as well as a clear heart. You also need to know what lies at the heart of your writing. Who are you as a writer?

In this module we’ll explore how to identify as a writer in an authentic way. And how to connect with your imagination to build originality into your writing.


  • Understand the difference between thinking that dims down your creative impulse and thinking that uplifts it.
  • Explore how a ‘beginners mind’ frees up your writing voice.
  • Know why you write and who you write for.

Module 4: Connect the heart of your writing to the heart of your reader

ColoredPencils We examine how a conscious connection with your heart forges a unique, invisible, energetic resonance with your readers. This connection makes your writing a transformative force.

And we’ll explore why a healthy relationship to yourself is vital if you want to convey an inspiring message.


  • Experience your heart as an intelligence – an inner wisdom that knows the direction of your creative life.
  • Develop your capacity to embody the qualities of empathy, compassion, love and healing.
  • Connect with your unique transmission of healing and inspiration.

Module 5: Trust

MakeYourMark If there’s one inner posture that inspired writers need – it’s trust. Trust in the Source of your writing. Trust in your authentic voice. And trust in your process.

In this module we’ll explore how you can rest in trust so that your writing voice is filled with depth and clarity.


  • Discover how to recognize and trust your inspiration and authentic voice.
  • Cultivate an attitude of fearlessness in your creative expression.
  • Let go the outcome of your creative work for your writing to become distinct and unique.

Module 6: Connect to the Source of your writing

EveryMoment We end the course with a rich and beautiful connection to the Source of your inspiration.

When you have a steady connection your writing begins writes itself. Words, ideas, images and messages move through you onto the page.


  • Establish a steady connection with the source of your creative inspiration.
  • Experience what it means to ‘become’ the vehicle for inspiration and healing to flow through you.
  • Learn an inner posture that allows your writing to write itself.

The teaching and wisdom of guest teachers

Heather Plett Teacher, Blogger, Writer, Retreat Host.

Topic: Open Hearted Writing.

Your writing will transform and heal you, and your readers, when you’re willing to write what’s in your heart. Discover the power and relevance of personal journalling for your life and writing.



Cherie Ray Creativity Coach, Teacher and Three Principles Practitioner.

CherieRayTopic: Unlock your natural creativity.

Everyone is creative. It’s part of the human condition. Learn how to shift into your creative flow simply and easily. Find out what thoughts have to do, and not do, with being in your creative flow.



Tea Silvestre Writer, blogger, coach for business owners, bloggers and authors.

TeaSylvesterTopic: The Power Of Your Personal Story.

Do you know why you write? Discover why your personal story matters for stepping into your work in the world.



Emily Hanlon Best selling author, fiction writing coach.

EmilyHanlonTopic: Let Your Writing Lead You.

Knowing how to take the teeth out of your inner critic helps you stay with the flow of your writing. But what really develops your writing voice? Learn how to surrender to your creative cycle.



Carolyn Scarborough Author, blogger, editor and ghost writer.

CarolynScarboroughTopic: Write In The Present Moment.

Every writer needs the time and space to write. But something powerful happens when you occupy the present moment. Learn how present moment awareness enhances your writing.



Laura Munson New York Times best selling author, speaker, retreat leader.

laura_munsonTopic: Writing At The Intersection Of Heart And Mind.

Discover why writing with the consciousness of head and heart matters. And how crafting an authors statement could be a game changer to propel your writing.



How the Program is Delivered

Live teaching and mentoring calls. Two live 90 minute group calls a month. 12 noon Pacific Time. On: April 13, 27. May 11, 25. June 8, 22. July 13, 27. August 10, 24. September 7, 21.

One private mentoring session. You’ll get one private 45 minute mentoring session to go deeper into how to claim your authentic voice as a writer.

Powerful meditations. A guided meditation accompanies each module. You’re encouraged to practice with this meditation at least 4 times a week to help integrate your understanding in your writing and creative life.

Six insight-filled guest teacher interviews. Carefully selected teaching interviews with experienced writers/mentors.

Audio recordings of each live session. Class recording’s available for download in high quality MP3 format for you to listen to at your convenience.

Written transcripts. Session transcripts in PDF format. You can read, print and make your own notes of key insights and practices.

Integration practices. Each module has simple writing and non-writing assignments to integrate the course material.

Private Facebook Group. A space and place to share insights and deepen your understanding of inspired writing.


Enrolling now for the course starting April 13th

The full price for this course is $205 x 6 monthly payments.

Plus The moment you sign up, you’ll get Saying Yes to Life. A guided process to help you claim and deepen your calling as a writer.

Returning student, or have a coupon?    If you’re a returning student or have a gift coupon for Write Out The Heart. Pop me an email by clicking here to access your special rate.

Questions and Answers

How does an online course work? An online program allows you to attend a live course from your own home. We’ll meet on Zoom; a  platform that allows you to experience the sessions as if you are in a live in-person event. You see group members, ask questions and participate just as you would in a live event.

How many people will be in the group? The group will be limited to around 12 people. This makes small enough for everyone to have the opportunity to interact, and create a sense of community.

How will the FaceBook group work? Write Out The Heart Facebook group is a private group.  What you post is seen only by group members. It’s optional to join, but it’s a great space to share questions, obstacles and insights and obstacles.

What happens if I miss a live session? You’ll be able to download the recordings of the live calls from the course home page. Recordings are usually available within 24 hours of the live call. And transcripts of the sessions will be with you 10-14 days after the call.

What if I have a question between sessions? You’ll be encouraged to bring questions to the Facebook group for interaction and discussion. I’ll be active on the Facebook group too and will field questions.


You’ll get high quality support and guidance on this course. If you make a sincere commitment to participate and practice simple exercises. You’ll gain insights and skills that connect your heart and inspiration in a way that is natural and inevitable.

However, if you work through the first 14 days of the program and decide this course is not for you. I’ll refund your payment (minus 5% processing fee). If you’re not completely satisfied within 14 days of the start date, simply email me at: Fiona@FionaMoore.com to request a refund.

Have a question that’s not covered?

Are you drawn to this course but have a question that’s not been covered?  Please get in touch. I’ll get back to you by email, or hop on the phone with you. Simply fill out the form below.

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What students say…

“I’m a writer and have knowledge of spiritual work but I didn’t have a consistent way of bringing my spiritual sensitivity into my daily life. I was frustrated and stuck because I felt disconnected from my writing voice and didn’t know what to do. Bash-ForFiona-300x223

What opened up for me was remarkable and at the same time makes total sense. When we began to explore the emotional dimension I quickly saw that my stuck feelings were to do with being afraid of failing.

This insight gave me the confidence to feel the full extent of my feelings and not surprisingly my writing started to flow from a deeper place in me.

In place of self doubt I now have clarity. It’s makes sense to me that on the heels of taking ownership of my inspiration, I was asked to write and present a paper at an international event on sustainable living. I now feel free to create, and my potential to manifest will. This feels so ordinary and natural and at the same time extraordinary and liberating.”


~Basheera Khan

Traci“Fiona sees beyond barriers so that writers can welcome their calling with freedom and fervor. She held a portal of acceptance open for me, to allow creativity to come alive within me. I released emotional blocks, self judgments and limiting beliefs and discovered my value. I made stronger connection to my creativity and writing and I’m about to publish my first book.”

~Traci McMerritt www.laugh-in-labyrinth.com/

“Fiona has a gentle way shining a light on what’s unconscious. Not only my writing, but my entire life is now evolving because I’m in discovery mode rather than trying to analyze my way through life.

The expression “do what you love” is now real to me, not a pipe dream. I think I’ve always known there was more to me than my intellect, but it was never part of my culture. While I was in academia, going to a higher sense or intuition, was sort of beat out of me. Everything was reasoning and logic, proof and experiment. There was no place for a hunch or intuition.

Being in Fiona’s presence, even virtually, has had such an impact. The non-word teaching, and the modeling of the truth of her words has been invaluable. In this course I’ve found a feeling of being on the road home.”


~Anne Kaplan

“I wanted to work with Fiona because I needed to understand how I was holding my energy and consciousness in a way that was blocking my writing. My book was almost finished but somehow I knew I wasn’t ready to complete it, something in me needed to change.

After only a few months I began to hold everything more lightly, both my book and my life. And I began to feel more flow with my writing, it became easier to find time to write. I had a huge “aha” one day when I realized that I was making my writing a burden because I was trying to write what I thought other people wanted, rather than write from what inspires me.

This was about the time I surprised myself by writing a blog post that almost wrote itself, and expressed a level of authenticity that I’d not expressed before, at least not publicly, and it got a lot of positive responses which was equally surprising but extremely validating.

We really didn’t focus much on my book – that just got written and completed almost as an aside. What I come away with are usable tools and practices that help me recognize when I’m getting in my own way and how to find my flow again.

Writing is now more about trusting myself and what I love, rather than trying to fit an idea of myself as a writer. I’m much less afraid and open to my creative impulse at a deeper level. I’m getting a much stronger sense about what I really want to write – what I love to write – which is exciting.”


~Sarah Beek

About Fiona

I’m Fiona Moore. I help writers, healers and change agents connect with their heart and higher inspiration – to express their unique gifts in the world.​

I write, and teach transformational healing and awakened living at FionaMoore.com.

A central theme in my work is how to engage the qualities of our heart to become the vehicle of love, compassion and healing.

You have a unique writing voice with a message of transformation. If this course speaks to your heart, I’d love for you to join us. So that your writing touches, heals and inspires your readers, and re-shapes our world.